Glorified Cruise Control

A perception system which detects lanes and vehicles from a video feed of the road and uses that data to train a neural network which predicts driving commands in real time.

Work In Progress

Sketch Artist

A Tensorflow implementation of a Conditional GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) for generating human faces from a text description. This project was created for my CSC 340 (Artificial Intelligence) final project.

Source Code

Snake AI

A Neural Network trained to play the game Java Snake using a Genetic Algorithm.

Source Code

Tetris AI

A neural network that is trained with a genetic algorithm to predict the next best move in Tetris.

Source Code

Path Finding

A visual demonstration of the process undergone by Dijkstra and A* (A star)

Source Code

Visual Sort

A visual demonstration of the process undergone by a variety of different sorting algorithms.

Source Code